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The implementation of a PAM solution presented several challenges. Firstly, Security Bulwark needed to identify all privileged accounts across its IT infrastructure. Secondly, the Security Bulwark needed to ensure that the PAM solution did not impact business operations or productivity. Thirdly, the PAM solution needed to integrate with existing IT systems and workflows


The implementation of the PAM solution was a success, and the organization achieved several benefits, including

  • Improved Security: The PAM solution improved the security of privileged accounts by ensuring that access was granted only to authorized individuals and that passwords were changed regularly.
  • Compliance: The PAM solution helped the organization comply with regulatory requirements related to privileged account management.
  • Increased Efficiency: The PAM solution streamlined the management of privileged accounts, reducing the effort required to manage and monitor these accounts.

Metahorizon Core Values

We are proud of the fact that throughout our growth, we have maintained the company culture that our founding members created and instilled and that is still reflected in each aspect of what we do today



We approach business requirements with an open mind and seek a better way to fulfill client needs.



We treat our customers and each other with respect, courtesy and honesty.



We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.

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We have a high degree of integrity and are accountable for the work we deliver.



We care deeply about our work and go “above and beyond” for customers and for each other.

Expert As Service

Your very own SailPoint IdentityIQ admin that does it all for you. The power combination between SailPoint IdentityIQ and our admin services provides you comfort, consistency for administrative tasks.

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