About Us

Metahorizon is an IT Consulting and Business Intelligence company offering the widest array of IT Solution for organizations. We take pride in being able to provide a holistic Business Intelligence option for our clients hailing from various industries. Being in the industry for years, we have forged a brand of quality, making us a preferred IT Consulting company for our past and existing clients.

While our focus industries include the Healthcare, Telecommunications and the Finance sector, we nevertheless cater to each and every other organization type in between. From private start-ups to government entities, we are here to help.

Being Composed of a team of professionals in our respective IT fields,
complemented by our professional project managers and consultants; we constantly keep ourselves abreast with the latest treads and technologies in the IT and Business intelligence industry. Our commitment is to help our clients implement the best practices inĀ  their IT and Business Intelligence requirements, resulting to increased productivity and improved efficiency in their business.

While we reply on the latest technologies and solutions available for our clients, we also build custom applications to come up with bespoke and dedicated solutions for their respective organizations. We make sure that as our client’s avail of our services, we conduct a study of their industry, identify their organizational needs and goals and consider these findings to come up with the most fitting solutions.

We envision being able to offer accessible and affordable IT Solution for our clients. Our goal is to help them maximize their Profit for a minimum investment. We are able to do this by consistently coming up with the cost-efficient solution for them, on top of giving them an option that suits their specified budget.

Metahorizon envisions Becoming the Leading IT and Business Intelligence Consulting company, catering to both local and international clients. Among the steps we take towards achieving this goal include business partnership of trust with our clients, making us their IT Solutions Services provider of choice

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