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Metahorizon is a pioneer in IT consulting and Business Intelligence services and offers a comprehensive set of IT solutions for varied organizations. We have a holistic approach towards offering our services and take pride in our ethics and values. No matter what the nature of business, we have managed to forge a world-class branding solution for our clients. This is what drives and makes us the best in the industry.

Our main focus is on the Healthcare industry, Telecommunications and Finance. However, with the growing demand for our services, we have spread our wings wider to cater to other types of businesses like start-ups, government sector and Non-Profit organizations as well. We are reliable and are always there to help our customers with a smile.

Within our organization, we have a robust team of professionals from different departments of the IT field and a team of driven project managers and consultants. We further ensure that our team is always updated about the latest development in emerging technologies, Business Intelligence and IT in general. We hold our commitment towards our clients with the utmost regard and implement the best practices in all our undertakings to fuel the growth of our client’s business.

Metahorizon builds customized and affordable solutions for the clients and offers dedicated teams to handle their business needs. To ensure that we understand our client’s needs completely we conduct an extensive research of their nature of business, identify loopholes and realize their goals and based on the evaluation, we offer a tailor-made solution that fits their needs in the best way possible.

Our vision is to offer services that are affordable and accessible as an IT solution provider. Our client’s goal is our goal too, and that is to help them increase their profit margins by coming up with cost-effective solutions. We make sure that the solution offered fits into their budget. Our aim is to provide a win-win solution.

Metahorizon founders believe that they are on the path of becoming the leading IT and Business Intelligence consultants globally. All our relationships with our clients are based on trust and honesty and this makes us the IT solution provider of choice.


Building effective communication skills


Develop intelligent, fool-proof and easy to understand documentation (SOP)


Collaboration of services


Bring in team players


Excellence in problem solving abilities


Encourage leadership skills

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Implementing Business Intelligence programs and Telecommunications

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