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Securing Networks and Identity Management

Metahorizon Inc. has now started providing security services for network and identity management as well. There is an increasing demand for security due to the lurking dangers on the internet. Data security is given utmost importance these days by all companies.

Network security helps to prevent unauthorized access to the network, data theft and misuse of information. When there is a security breach it can prove to be extremely detrimental for your business, including leading your business down the road of failure. Our company provides a dedicated network administrator, who with their expertise can control, monitor and restrict access to data-sensitive networks. Only authorized personnel will be able to access the relevant data pertaining to them.

Identity management is the other side of the coin when it comes to security measures. Identities of all the personnel working for your organization are created in a systematic manner and they also will be able to access areas that are relevant to their job role. Appropriate rights and authorization is created in the system and employees who have left the company will be completely restricted. You can depend on us for all your network security needs.

A note: Having been in this industry for several years, we can boldly say that our company has what it takes to help propel your business by fulfilling your MRP, ERP and BI requirements that fit your unique business model. Our business solutions include dedicated modules for inventory management, product specifications, costing, work order management, purchase order management, sales order management, analysis of sales, shipping and delivering to name a few among several others.

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