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Position : DevOps Analyst

Job Description

  • Work on GIT as the SCM tool, Jenkins as the CI/CD tool, Terraform as IAC tool, Python as programming language and AWS as Cloud Computing tool.
  • Create Git branches, write codes, test in logical environment and merge code to the master branch.
  • Participate in meetings with developers and QA testers.
  • Build steps inside the Build and Test stages in the Jenkins Pipeline.
  • Deploy web applications and services using languages such as Python, Java, Bash, Groovy, etc.
  • Work on Python scripts to download files from Nexus and upload to AWS S3 using Terraform.
  • Write Terraform modules to provision the AWS infrastructure.
  • Travel to various unanticipated worksites throughout the US is required.

Experience / Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Business Administration or closely related

Skills :Git, Jenkins, Terraform, Python, AWS, IAM

Salary :$80850.00/year

Job Location/ Where to apply:

Metahorizon Inc.

1303 W. Walnut Hill Ln, Ste 340
Irving, TX 75038